And the Evening and the Morning were... 2
Nature is filled with various tendencies for abstract suggestions.  Art gives clarity to new images as it brings them to the foreground.  In a second look, the scene is ever evolving with more and more images deconstructed with color yet to be reconstructed by lines to recreate the scene.
Lines are the meandering, spontaneous element of art sometimes suggesting forms rather than especially defining them. They scamper all over to bring liberty to form.  As I begin doodling with crisscrossing and accentuating lines, all things in the scene fluctuate in space.  At a glance, the scene appears predictable yet in a gaze when vision is induced, the obscure becomes obvious, and the scene reappears unpredictable. Although nature is often the subject of my paintings, it is always a vehicle serving to embrace an emotion such as love or the desire for all things beautiful.  Nature is inclusive to all things created—flora and fauna.
My paintings are not about a specific place or time.  They are interior expressions of the most intimate places in the heart and further reflections in the mind of experiences, past and anticipatory.  Consequently, it’s my passion for the inner aspects of the natural quite colorful and habitually calligraphic that has turned my landscapes into more conceptual heartscapes and mindscapes.
Once, I looked upon nature when she was beside me. She captured me, and I became her slave.  Now, I am nature as she becomes me!

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