A String of Knots

In recollection about personal sacrifices, the protagonist, Saul Brown, recalled the losses he had suffered in several confrontations prior to the aftermath of 9-11. In the juxtaposition of the near and far experiences, his grief became unbearable but softened by the rediscovered relationships formed over time, despite the attempt of his friend, Clay, to paint a tainted picture of his first love.
Poised to choose between two great loves, his girlfriend Venus Genetrix and his brother Samuel Brown, Saul is torn between his heart and mind. The story becomes intriguing as the choice is deferred by a series of events, and metaphorical as the struggles are likened to a string of knots where imagery fluctuates between tying and untying—keeping and letting go. Finally, two loves come clashing with censors on creativity and the impediments of moral obligations, but in the untidy acts of consolation, communion, and reaffirmation, one discovers that true love comes softly in a bittersweet way.

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